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It’s not just about nails.

From the moment you walk in, our goal is to delight you with the highest level of service possible, and to surprise you with the care we provide to each of our clients. We are not your average nail salon. Our manicurists and assistants work together as a team to ensure you have the best experience possible. We provide a modern and cozy environment where you need not worry about the safety or quality of your service. We never reuse files, buffers, or scrubbers. And all our implements are sanitized before use on each client.

At emma faye, it’s all about you. So whether you're in a hurry, or you're ready to be pampered, we got you covered! With several service levels available for manicures, pedicures, and artifificial nails, you're bound to find the service that best suits your time, budget and mood. So explore what we have to offer, and when you're ready to book your appointment, call or use our online scheduling system to book your next appointment.

Available Services

manicures.jpg Manicures

pedicures.jpg Pedicures

enhancements.jpg Artificials

Tipping Guide

Because we are unconventional in how we approach our salon services, we are often asked from our customers, "How should I tip for my service??" When you arrive for your service, often times we may have a team of assistants and manicurists tending to your service, and not just one manicurist. While tipping is a great way to express your appreciation, you are not under any obligation to tip each manicurist or assistant that assisted in performing your service. In general, if you would like to leave a tip, we encourage you to tip based on your service cost.

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