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Whether you are in the mood for a little pampering or in a hurry to that important meeting or date, we have the perfect manicure for every occasion. So relax at our modern nail bar, while our assistants bring you complimentary refreshments to soothe your thirst. And when you're done, enjoy some yummy chocolate treats on us before you leave!

All manicures are performed by licensed manicurists and include your choice of color from our collection of traditional polish, gel polish, or from our new acrylic dip powders! Polish removal is included with all our manicure services.

What are acrylic dip powders?? Acrylic dip powders are finely milled acrylic powders that are making a comback in today's nailcare industry! It uses a resin material, activator, and colored acrylic powders to produce a light-weight and durable color coating over the natural nail (or traditional acrylic nail enhancements). This results in a color coating that is just as durable, if not more, and as shiny as traditional gel polish, but no UV light is required to cure! This feels less "heavy" on your nails and best of all, the removal process is just as safe and often times requires less filing than gel polish removal!

Manicure Services

"Oh No! Mani-To-Go!" Basic Mani

A dry, waterless manicure for when you're on the run. Includes polish removal, nail trim/shaping, buffing, and lotion application. Please note this manicure service does not include cuticle work.

"Classy Lassie!" Classic Mani

Enjoy a moment of peace from your busy life, and treat your hands to a classic mani that includes the basic mani service plus an aromatic, sanitizing hand-soak, and cuticle work, followed by a lotion massage to soothe those aching muscles!

"Glitter & Gold!" Spa Mani

Go ahead. Endulge and treat yourself to a rejuvenating experience that will leave your hands invigorated and silky smooth! We start with a classic manicure service, then add an exfoliating sugar scrub of your choice to help remove old, dry skin. Did we mention the soothing, hot paraffin wax treatment and the 10-minute hand and arm massage? Oh yes. There's that too.

Additional Services

Nail Art (upgrade)... 5+

Show them your personality with some great nail art! Bring in your ideas and we will try our best to bring them to life, or choose from the largest selection of designs in the area! Cost will vary with the number of nails you'd like to have designs on and the degree of complexity of the nail design. Please ask for a quote before beginning your nail art.

French Polish (upgrade)... +5

Whether you want to go with the classic french, or go bold with color, the french polish will surely get your nails noticed

Shellac / Acrylic Removal... +15

Been awhile since your last gel manicure? Don't have time for another one, but the polish on your nails is anything but beautiful? Have them removed now and wait until you are ready for your next manicure! Please note there is no addtional charge for removal of your old shellac polish or acrylics when you choose either the shellac or acrylic dip powder manicures.