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No matter what we do to maintain our natural nails, sometimes they simply need a little extra help. For all of us out there struggling with thin, weak, or brittle, natural nails, or with nails that simply won't grow, having artificial nails can make all the difference.

Unlike traditional day spas, our experienced technicians are dedicated to nails only. Your artificial enhancments are crafted to look simply beautiful and as natural as possible to your real nails, and with the care and attention to detail you deserve. And best of all, your service can be performed in nearly half the time it takes most salons. So go ahead. Enjoy the precious time you have with family and friends instead. We don't mind.

Artifical Nail Services

All enhancement services include a complimentary soak-off when you have a new set, and includes cut-down and nail repair for up to 3 nails with each fill. Please note our gel services uses CND Retention+ powder application and gel polish with top coat. We do not use the traditional liquid gels.

Acrylic Set (w/traditional polish) ... $40
Acrylic Fill (w/traditional polish) ... $30

Gel Set (w/gel polish) ......... $55
Gel Fill (w/gel polish) ......... $45

Pink & White Set .... $60
Pink & White fill .... $50
Pink fill only .......... $45

Additional Services

Add to your beautifully created artificial enhancements with these additional services!

Acrylic/Gel Nails Soak-off ... 15

When it's time to remove those old artificial nails, either to get a new one on or to give your natural nails a break, our soak-off process is easier on your nails and cuticles than traditional methods. Please note that if you are getting replacing your current artificial nails with a new set from us, there is no additional charge to soak off your old artifical nails.

Nail Art (upgrade) ... 5+

Show them your personality with some great nail art! Bring in your ideas and we will try our best to bring them to life, or choose from the largest selection of designs in the area! Please ask for a quote before beginning your nail art.

French Polish (upgrade) ... +5

Whether you want to go with the classic french, or go bold with color, the french polish will surely get your nails noticed!